In the digital world, the mobile browsing experience goes a long way in fostering a better brand image for businesses. Established digital marketing agencies prioritize enhancing the mobile website design to elevate the quality of experience for the users. Given that more than 50% of internet users get access to cyberspace from their mobile devices, businesses need to ensure a seamless browsing experience for their users. The quality of mobile web design, therefore, determines the impact of online associations that you share with your visitors.

A flawless mobile browsing experience can fetch you return customers. Besides, you can establish your brand as a reliable one, to whom people can turn whenever they are in need of some kind of information. At Coastal Web Team, we continue to create value for our clients with compelling mobile web design services. Being a leading web design company, we offer a comprehensive range of digital marketing services to our clients. In this post, we have come up with certain tips to enhance a mobile website design.

What is mobile website designing?

The process of optimizing the browsing experience on websites for mobile users is called mobile web designing. When you reach out to an established digital marketing company, the experts will enhance the design process for your visitors. Enhancing the design of mobile websites includes the following.

  1. Making the design responsive: A responsive design is a type of layout, that automatically adjusts itself according to the size of the device that a user has. The content remains fluid, which enables the users to view more content if the screen size is larger.
  2. Prioritizing mobile handsets: Working closely with a digital ad agency clicks for businesses, as they prioritize the browsing experience in mobile handsets. In the past, designers used to come up with sites mainly for desktop users. However, browsing trends have changed all these years, with the majority of internet users opting for mobile browsing. Therefore, the designers have come up with the mobile-first approach. This way, they can optimize website content for the smallest of screens.
  3. SEO-friendly design: Unless the website design is friendly both for humans and search engines, your site would lack visibility. This is why reputed SEO firms optimize mobile websites for search engines like Google. Unless your website shows up on Google, having a website would turn out to be futile. There’s a tool on Google called Mobile-Friendly Test. Using this software, you can examine whether or not your website has been optimized for mobile handsets.

How can you create mobile-friendly websites?

Being one of the established SEO companies, we have come a long way down, developing mobile-friendly websites for our clients. Here are some of the key tactics to create mobile websites.

Keep the layouts simple

Every business owner wants to captivate the attention of their visitors on their website. Focus more on simplicity when you design your mobile layouts. The reason is, mobile screens are smaller, and simpler layouts work perfectly on these screens. Here are some additional tips for you.

  • Go for layouts with single columns. The multicolumn grid works well with desktops. However, when you design a website on mobile, you need to adhere to the one-column format. More columns make it difficult for the users to understand the information.
  • Try not to use a horizontal scroll, that degrades the quality of the user experience. Besides, the Google Mobile-Friendly Test requires websites to be scrolled vertically.
  • Make sure to declutter the layout as much as possible. Try not to overwhelm your visitors with loads of information. It might be difficult for them to follow the ideas. A minimalist approach in this regard works out perfectly. It might be tempting to include certain decorative elements. However, this would backfire when it comes to mobile website design. A neat and clutter-free website would foster better engagement with the readers.

What information should you display?

Remember, your visitors would be goal-oriented, and they would look for specific information in quick time. People try to scan the web pages, rather than reading each word. Make sure that the content you include on your website is scannable. Visitors would be able to find the relevant information easily. As a leading SEO firm, we recommend the following aspects while you design the website.

  • In the central and upper parts of the pages, place the important information as well as the CTA buttons.
  • Make sure that the visitors can spot the menu when they navigate through the website. The navigation needs to be segregated from the content visually. An intelligible use of whitespace can separate content practically in this regard.

How does loading speed affect website ranking?

Typically, mobile users prefer faster websites. In case the pages take more than 5 seconds to load, your visitors are likely to abandon your website. Established SEO agencies largely prioritize page speed as one of the elements for ranking websites. Moreover, you need to cut down high-resolution videos, images, and animations. All these elements slow down websites. In a nutshell, you need to declutter your website and eliminate any object that can increase the website’s loading time.

How do readability and visuals affect engagement?

The readability of your mobile website is the ease with which the visitors can comprehend the text or content. Reputed digital marketing companies largely prioritize this engagement. Readability continues to be an inherent property of the design of your mobile website. Check out these recommendations, that can help you enhance the readability of content.

  • Choose a typeface that looks elegant and clean on mobile screens. Roboto, Ariel, and Helvetica are some of the recommended typefaces.
  • Coming to the font size, do not keep it too small. People should be able to read the content without zooming the page. At least 16 pixels should be the ideal font size.
  • Focus on color palates, so that the foreground and background colors on your website look contrasting.

Partnering with a reputed digital marketing firm like Coastal Web Team can significantly leverage your online visibility. We are a leading web marketing agency, carrying the reputation for crafting robust websites for our clients. You may reach out to us at 843-696-0455 for a consultation.