This digital era has brought everything one can ask for.

Many businesses have routed to the online world and are seeking ways to attract more traffic and conversions. Most of them recognize the importance of a stunning web design that can create the best first impression and compel visitors to explore their products and internet marketing services.

If you are looking to take a leap towards web design services, we have put together for you a list of some exciting trends. These designs are altogether different from the age-old designs of traditional grids, stock photos, and asymmetrical layouts. They are fresh, awe-inspiring, and able to convey the brand message with a stronger voice.

Here are the top seven web design inspirations that can help you go a long way –

1. Retro look

With numerous retro songs being revived and retro look being tested, one can understand that the idea of ‘going retro’ is deemed to be the new cool.

Many web designers today are blending their creative flair and imagination with the look and feel of the one time, thus creating the magic that can’t be absorbed from the modern layouts.

Retro look

We anticipate more websites taking up these offbeat design styles and experimenting with retro-styled interface and content.

If this seems to be something that aligns for your taste, discuss this with your web design company in Charleston SC and discover ways to launch a website with old-school charm.

2. Black and white palettes

Colors are proven to affect our mind and mood, and designers often play with color psychology to decrease the bounce rate and hook up the website visitors.

This year, many sites have gone with gutsy black and white designs for making imposing statements.

Black and white palettes

Black and white websites depict a strong and powerful image, but most importantly, this color combination is an epitome of elegance. It is timeless, and it is safe to say that will never go out of fashion. So if you aim to create an astounding impact with your design, go all black-and-white and let your web traffic and conversions speak for your decision.

3. Animated GIFs

The website must be catchy enough to hold the user within a blink of an eye. Professional web designers have found that media and animated characters have been successful in connecting with the audience in an instant.

Earlier the thought process was to use animated GIF web designs only for distributing unofficial content. However, there’s recently been a resurrection in the use of animated GIFs in professional web designs too.

Animated GIFs can convey complex ideas easily in a short period while being engaging and entertaining. They also do not have any compatibility issues and work on most browsers and mobile devices, thus making them accessible to everyone. Discuss your plans and ideas with your web design team and ask for their input to attract more audience.

4. Use of high-quality Video

Along with the GIF animation, another web design trend that has picked up the pace is the use of impressive videos.

Videos are usually more product-focused and assist your website visitors to understand its working and showcase the benefits. Good videos hook the user in the first few seconds even if the sound is not that efficient. Using time-lapse videos or sequencing techniques to make your product more appealing is an excellent way to attract users.

The trend of incorporating videos is now much appreciated. However, ensure to find the right balance between your written copy and the video content so that they do not have to compete to gain users’ attention.

5. Micro-interactions

Micro-interactions are an interactive feature developed by our creative design souls, where even a minor action by the user is responded with some effects and sounds on the website.

Twitter uses the micro-interaction feature where the user can hear a beep sound on refreshing the page. Another social media platform that uses this feature is Facebook, where you can see the red icon displaying the message count.

Using micro-interaction is a great way to involve the visitors on your website and subtly conveying information to the users about their actions. At the same time, these make your web pages look a bit smarter and user-friendly.

6. Minimalism

As the name suggests, this web design practice is a mixture of simplicity and elegance. With minimalistic efforts, the users will be able to find the exact content they are looking for. By using soothing colors and avoiding feature creep, the website can be simplified and engage user interaction.


To ensure that design does not get boring, designers use bold or large typography for communicating meaningful content, as it can act as a useful communication tool. However, one should be aware of using too much fancy typography as the user might ignore the text taking it as advertising content.

7. Digital illustrations

Digital illustrations are one of the emerging web design trends of 2019.

Web designers can use relevant examples to establish an emotional connection with the users and can make your design stand out from the crowd. Digital illustrations are quite versatile, and product designers can use digital illustrations for many purposes; for hero sections, for feature descriptions, or even as a subtle icon in the navigation bar.

Lately, three-dimensional illustrations have become quite a new trend, and our designers have started using them to add more realism to the website.

We hope our web designs would help you in building an excellent website. If you are still confused and can’t decide which way to go, we can be of help.

We at Coastal Web Team have a team of creative designers and developers who can blend imagination, usability, and market trends to create the best web design. We work to help brands improve their online dominance with exceptional theming and design solutions.

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