When you create a keyword strategy for your SEO campaign, understanding the user intent should be your first priority. 

When people enter a search query, they don’t think about the exact words they should use. They just type the whole question that comes in their mind. For example, to find an internet marketing company in Charleston, SC, people try something like, “the best digital marketing company in Charleston.” 

Further, in the time of voice search, using long queries is not a big deal. Here’s where long-tail keywords win the game. 

What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are 3-5 word phrases that intend to gather significant traffic around your website. They target a specific segment instead of mass audiences. The aim is to match the exact search intent of people and provide them with the relevant information right away. 

How can long-tail keywords benefit your SEO campaign? Read on to follow. 

High Probability of Conversion

Long-tail keywords are highly specific. They help you identify the current stage of a buyer’s journey. The searches with long-tail keywords signify the exact problem of the audience and don’t revolve around general topics. 

If you provide SEO services, ranking for anything mentioning “South Carolina” won’t work well. But well define “website SEO strategy in Charleston” will surely do. Businesses looking for such companies are highly likely to convert when search engines direct them to your website. As an advantage, you would rank for short-tail keywords also. How will it happen?

When your website earns high rankings for niche-specific keywords, you acquire more traffic. As the traffic increases, there are more backlinks to your site, which in turn proves your website a niche authority. Your site, therefore, gets ranking for the competitive short-tail keywords. 

Long-Tail Keywords Outrank

There’s a tough competition for generic or single-word head terms. Top rankings for short-tail keywords is not a piece of cake. For example, the competition for searches like “Artificial Intelligence” is higher than for “AI.” Although the average monthly searches may be more, they do not imply the exact search intent. 

The searchers may be simply exploring the AI industry. But if you are actually willing to sell AI products, then you must refine your keyword. “Best AI products,” “top AI products,” etc. will outrank the generic term AI or Artificial Intelligence. 

This way, long-tail keywords will help you get the right traffic to your website. Overtaking the competition, they earn you high rankings with or without on-site optimization. 

Powers Blog Content 

Content marketing is an integral part of SEO services in Charleston

Your deliberate intention of generating traffic around your website is at the peak when you produce great content. The best way to do this is to win the race with your blog.

Hubspot suggests that you should create at least 20 blog posts in a month if you aim to raise traffic numbers. Also, niche blogs are a chance to increase conversion rates with your content. Now, when we talk about niche audiences, long-tail keywords must be part of your keyword strategy. You can target these keywords on your blog for more traffic. 

Blogs are the only way you can best utilize long-tail keywords. Understand search intent, pick up appropriate long-tail keywords, and curate high-quality blog posts with them. You can add tons of relevant traffic to your site. 

Brings in Targeted Traffic

As per leading online marketing agencies in Charleston, SC, long-tail keywords can ideally help you to attract your targeted audience.

The competition can be fierce for rankings with short-tail keywords, but ROI is significantly low. Why? The visits to your site may not be purchase-intended. The searcher is maybe at the awareness stage when they hit your site. It takes time to head towards the final buying decision. 

In the case of long-tail keywords, the competition is less, but the ROI is comparatively more. How? Search queries with these keywords have a clear intention to buy a product or service. You don’t have to wait for your visitors to reach the decision stage. Also, there’s no need for additional efforts to drive them to the sales funnel. 

With long-tail keywords, you are attracting an audience that is actually interested in your product. You will get the prospects you were exactly looking for. It will take them closer to the purchase point, thereby refining your SEO campaigns.

Long-Tail Keywords Are The Best Bet For Voice Searches

The compatibility with voice searches would decide the future of your SEO campaigns from 2020. As we mentioned in the beginning, voice searches are ruling over the hearts of audiences. Tighten up your SEO strategy for voice search this 2020. Gartner’s prediction for 30% of voice searches to be without a screen has turned into reality. 

Winning over the era of voice search is impossible without long-tail keywords. The reason – a typical voice query consists of more than four words, that is, a long-tail keyword. A business owner when using Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, or Amazon Echo to hire SEO experts in Charleston, their query would be, “Which is the best SEO company in Charleston?”, “What are the top SEO companies of South Carolina”? and alike. 

If you fail to optimize your website for voice searches, you can imagine how much you’re going to lose on your potential audience. But, if you strategize your long-tail keywords smartly, your website will get top rankings for voice searches.

Way to Featured Snippets

Another way to secure higher rankings and more traffic for your website are through featured snippets. People are more inclined towards a featured snippet on the SERPs. How to grab placement under the snippets – Long-tail keywords. Optimizing your site for these keywords increases your chance to rank for these snippets.

Long-tail keywords exhibit the relevancy of your content, which is vital for higher ranks in the featured snippet. They reveal exactly what the user asks a search engine. You can even leverage the extra traffic powered by featured snippets if you target long-tail keywords. 

The Takeaway

Brainstorming long-tail keywords and implementing them strategically in your SEO campaigns will work better under the assistance of professionals. Hire an SEO specialist that looks into your business model and designs a perfect SEO campaign for you. 

We, at Coastal Web Team, achieve this perfection with our qualified experts and custom SEO services Charleston. Visit us here to hit the market with an excellent SEO campaign.